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Strategic Partners

Our recent alliance with Biocodex has helped us in creating value through addition of original Sacchromyces Boulardi in Martin Dow’s product portfolio through the brand Enflor. The alliance also means acquisition and exchange of skills, risk & investment sharing, economies of scale, organizational learning and reduction in cost opportunities for each partner. Founded in France in 1953, it has partnered with healthcare professionals with the mission to develop meaningful solutions to today’s challenging healthcare problems.

Our partnership with Riemser Pharma GmbH has opened doors for various opportunities. Riemser Pharma GmbH, headquartered in Greifswald, Germany, specializes in marketing sophisticated life cycle management of specialty drugs for treatment of highly complex and niche disease areas. It primarily focuses on therapeutic segments, such as oncology, anti-infective, and dermatology. Riemser targets European markets but its products are distributed globally by a large partner network.

Our partnership with Teijin has helped us gain competitive edge in the local pharmaceutical industry. Teijin is making a difference in the two fields of pharmaceuticals and home healthcare. They have three dedicated areas of expertise, namely in bone and joint disease, respiratory disease and cardiovascular and metabolic disease. Their approach is to seek new methods, technologies and partnerships which in turn help Martin Dow immensely.

Meda AB is the Group’s parent company and its head office is in Solna, Sweden. Meda is an international specialty pharmaceutical company. We are proud to be in partnership with them as it is the 48th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Their portfolio consists of specialty products, OTC and branded generics. Meda’s pharmaceuticals are sold in more than 120 countries.

Apart from acquisition of Roche’s plant by Martin Dow Limited, we are also in partnership with Roche for manufacturing/distribution of a few of their drugs. Founded in Switzerland and being a pioneer in healthcare for nearly 120 years, it is the leader in personalized healthcare and leading provider of cancer treatments. Roche is also the largest biotech company in the world, which enables them to deliver better-targeted therapies. Our strategic ties with Roche enable us to jointly deliver what is need of the hour.