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National Partnership with AIESEC Pakistan

Taking forward the purpose and idea of Commitment to Community, we entered in an essential collaboration with AIESEC Pakistan astheir National Partner. AIESEC, present in 126 countries & territories,has developed over 1 million young people and is a global platform for youth to explore and prosper their leadership potential.It’s a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by recent graduates to work on world issues, leadership & management.

We participated in their Annual Conference i.e. National Strategic Conference 2017. The session was conducted,among 300 students came from different universities all over Pakistan, in order to create awareness about the health dynamics of the nation. Our representatives from Communicationand Marketing Department gave an interactive talk on the significance of hand washing and sanitation and how these measures could result in eradicating diseases like diarrhea and strokes. We shared the precautionary methods, for instance, sanitation alone can help in increasing the life span of people. Similarly, the advent of probioticsis a blessing and should be taken to prevent dehydration. Moreover, education and reduced inequalities are the epitome in achieving standard health care and well-being of the society. Unfortunately, Pakistan has one of the highest cases of childbirth mortality. This can be reduced if we educate women as it is seen that educated women are the ultimate salvation for development, be it their role as mothers, workers or responsible global citizens of the society.

The session was closed with an interactive series of questions and answers making the students understand our purpose and intention of creating distinction for life.