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Martin Dow Health Centre Inauguration

Martin Dow has inaugurated Martin Dow Health Centre, located at the main campus of The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), the Martin Dow Health Centre was built keeping in view the needs of students as well as faculty and the non-teaching staff of the IBA to provide quality medical facilities on the premises. The Health Centre is a purpose built fully equipped medical facility located on-premises at the IBA. As part of quality health services, the centre has a male and female paramedic available at all times during class hours with doctors and staff on site to deal with medical emergencies and a well-equipped pharmacy to handle first-aid requirements. The Health Centre has separate male and female examination rooms, daycare rooms as well as a nursing station to provide the basic healthcare requirements to all on campus. Other than medical needs, Martin Dow Health Centre also accommodates professional counselors to help students deal with the pressures of university life. We understand that rigorous academic schedules leave little time for the students to ensure that their medical needs are well-served. This enlightens that Martin Dow not only encourage the promotion of academics, but also places major focus on health.