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Martin Dow Group Donate Corona Testing Kits to Indus Hospital

Martin Dow Group and Pharma Bureau have presented 5760 coronavirus tests to Indus Hospital, imported from UK, the kits are the best coronavirus testing procedures globally.

Mr. Ali Akhai Chairman Martin Dow Group, along with Syed Wajihuddin,  Chairman Pharma Bureau and Ayesha Haq, Executive Director Pharma Bureau presented the kits to Dr. Abdul Bari, CEO Indus Hospital Network.

The testing kits will help build the Hospital’s capacity. Kits were being urgently needed by the Indus Hospital,the main focal point of Coronavirus Campaign in Sindh.

Ali Akhai said, “Contributing to community is one of the strongest values of Martin Dow Group and we are doing whatever we can to support organizations and the Government in the fight against this pandemic, and these kits will help Indus Hospital to increase its reach.”

Syed Wajeehuddin said, “Being research based pharmaceutical companies, members of Pharma Bureau are at the forefront of the battle to counter COVID-19 globally. In Pakistan too our member companies are playing a pivotal role in equipping hospitals and helping other stakeholders in managing the situation.”