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Martin Dow Ltd., a company with unlimited opportunities has striven to develop and be recognized for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, quality products and also as an institution with a strong corporate vision that resonates with a sense of growth and development. Martin Dow believes, that the exchange of quality healthcare should happen both ways. Not only should this Company develop through the acquisition of quality healthcare solutions from the developed world, but it should also envision establishing the name of our country worldwide through the presence of such solutions at numerous destinations.


Our high quality products manufactured as per international standards are widely accepted in countries with a high growth of pharmaceutical industry. Such places naturally contain worldwide competition and Martin Dow is proud to be an exporter to countries like Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. Some of the prominent brands of MDL with high growth and commendable performance include Diatrol, Esomax, Inspra, Felbex, Moksecure, Musidin, Prelin, Riplan and Safepram.


Martin Dow believes in continuous growth and improvement and is striving hard to take every possible measure to progress further and expand the business in different parts of the world. In addition to aforementioned countries, we are in the process to enter more regions very soon like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Laos and Yemen. We select our partners in different countries which take care of quality and healthcare with same consideration as Martin Dow does and they are highly experienced, trusted and reliable partners of the region.


However, the above mentioned list of countries and brands is not exhaustive. We plan to continue with the same zeal and commitment and a visionary approach towards the continued growth and penetration in new markets.